General Information about CBT




Click on each title for a more detailed description of each helpful book about CBT treatment:

  1. Mind and Emotions: A Universal Treatment for Emotional Disorders, by Patrick Fanning, Matthew McKay, PhD, and Patricia Zurita Ona, PsyD. This book helps distinguish which of the seven problematic coping styles is keeping you trapped in emotional pain as well as learn new and more effective coping skills.
  2. Mind Over Mood: Change How You Feel by Changing the Way You Think, by David Greenberg, PhD and Christine adesky, PhD. This popular workbook shows readers how to improve their lives by help changing their mental attitudes via cognitive therapy.


Below are a list of helpful, informative articles regarding CBT treatment:

“The Trouble with Talk Therapy”, by Maia Szalavitz from TIME Magazine.

“To Clear Negative Thoughts; Physically Throw Them Away”, from the HuffPost Healthy Living.

“The Power of Concentration”, by Maria Konnikova from The New York Times.

“Building a Happy Life: Five Ways to Change Your Self-Defeating Habits”, by Kevin D. Arnold from Psychology Today. Sometimes our reactions begin to sabotage our happiness and Mr. Arnold cares to explore why and how to prevent this from happening.

“The First Steps in Regulating Your Emotions”, by Karyn Hall, PhD from PsychCentral. This article explains how to identify your emotions and what triggers them in order for you to co